Inherently everyone is creative. We don’t all utilize the same mediums of expression, but when we are born we all have significant creative potential. The X factor is whether that creativity will be encouraged, nurtured, and touched by serendipitous opportunity. When I refer to “experienced creativity” as a critical part in manifesting magic, I am pointing to creativity that has been exposed to these X factors and then combined with years of experimentation and application.




How much do you know about the coming presidential election? In your history as a voting adult have you ever done detailed research into a candidates tax plan? I would venture to guess that 99% of the voting public has little to no understanding of their or any candidates position. Despite this fact we spend hours upon hours debating who would be best for the job with specifically formulated points to back up our opinion. Well if the “actual” facts are not driving our decision-making process then what is? Did you discover that opinion or did it discover you?




Companies are made up of people, and therefore they act like people. No one wants to be friends with someone who is selfish, self involved, or manipulative. The same applies to businesses. Customers don’t want to buy products from companies that are only thinking about how much they can profit from the interaction, that is selfish. Customers aren’t loyal to brands that discount, it may work in the short term but discounting is manipulation and has disastrous long term effects.




Magic is that special something. It is a feeling you can’t quite explain that takes a product or a person from good to great, from want to need, or from condemnation to admiration. It is an energy. It is intangible. It is emotional. It induces desire. it is premium worthy. It is honest. It is simple. It is generous. It is beautiful to watch and effortless to enjoy. Everyone wants it, even those that don’t understand it. And once you have it, nothing else is ever the same.




Harmony is one of the most beautiful things in nature, in action it is unmistakably magnificent. Think of dancers perfectly choreographed or a chefs working on the line, sauteing, plating, and finishing dishes with speed, precision, and flavor-filled results. When harmony is achieved it is nearly impossible not to begin seeing elements of magic.




Breakthroughs are those moments when everything seems to make sense and you are able to understand the next steps in your creative journey.  A world of possibilities open up, directions and conclusions you never thought of become a keystroke or brush stroke away.  The feeling is divine, hence the saying “divine inspiration”, but breakthroughs are actually a magical marriage of the logical mind and the creative mind.  The two hemispheres of thought come together to make connections between thoughts and facts we may not have consciously connected.

Many of us have tricks for finessing our minds into manifesting this highly desired part of ourselves, alcohol, coffee, and running are common, but creatives have been known to employ highly exotic forms of sourcing their inspirations.

The paradox of breakthroughs is that the ones who need them most, beginners, are the ones who have the most difficult time finding them.  They may get tastes, but it takes time and tinkering, aka experience to get to your moments. This time requires you to be a believer.  You must have a form of creative faith, a certainty that these breakthroughs exist despite all the physical evidence pointing to the contrary.

Keep believing.  You are closer to breaking through than you think.  And when you do, it will be divine.


magic of beginnnings

Today is a new day for me.  It is the day I begin the journey of posting daily, Monday through Friday.  It has been a long time coming, but today is the day, it is my official beginning.  Why? I am committing myself to the journey of manifesting “The Rules of Magic”, no matter what it takes.  It has been a long flirtation, one foot in and one foot out, but my soul will no longer tolerate that game.  It is time to get down to business, to start sharing the lessons I have learned and begin to help other individuals and businesses manifest their magic.

I cannot wait to share, looking forward to seeing you along the way.  See you tomorrow.